Driving In St. John U.S. Virgin Islands

Driving on St. John is relaxing and enjoyable as long as you remember a few basic, and important rules - the number one being DRIVE ON THE LEFT. Read below for tips, rules and etiquette for island driving in the US Virgin Islands.

Always drive on the left. Take your time when leaving a parking lot or turning into traffic. The roads are narrow and windy, so observe the local speed limits.

Seat belts are required in the front seat. This law is strictly enforced.

The speed limit in town is 10 MPH to 25 MPH, unless otherwise marked. Keep an eye out for animals and hitch hikers.

There are only two gas stations on the St. John, one on the road leading to the Westin and the newest one in Coral Bay just past the deli.

Keep honest people honest; do not leave valuables in your car.

Public transportation on the island is iffy at best and as a result people are constantly picking up and dropping off hitchhikers. Keep your eye out as you wind the curves for temporarily stopped vehicles. Be patient when the car in front stops to say hi to a friend and if you feel uncomfortable with the speed of the car behind or its proximity simply pull out on one of the side spaces and flag them by. They will thank you.

If you are backing up, make sure the road is clear and use the ongoing lane to back into.

Finding a parking spot in town can be difficult.

Off limit roads are for hiking not driving.


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