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Number will be divided by 2
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Will add up numbers and multiply them by the tax rate
[(NumberA + NumberB + NumberC) * TaxNumber]
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Round Function
Please enter decimal Number and number of digits for rounding. For example if you will enter number = 34.462345 and Digits = 2 then Round Number will be 34.46
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ifcond Function
Conditional function.
ifcond ((expr1),(expr2),(expr3)) - this expression evaluates and print result to expr2 if expr1 evaluates to TRUE, and expr3 if expr1 evaluates to FALSE. Please enter Number1 and Number2. For example if you will enter Number1 = 125 and Number2 = 100 will evaluates expression IF (([Number1] > [Number2]), ([[Number1+10]),([[Number2]))] and result will be 135

Number1 ::
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